Topakustik® is a Swiss brand of acoustical wood products and systems that provides beautiful aesthetics matched with tested and proven absorption performance. 

For nearly 25 years, Topakustik® has established itself as an industry leader through continuing innovation, exceptional quality, and expert craftsmanship from life-long woodworkers. They have gained a reputation worldwide as the superior acoustical wood provider. Topakustik® uses the highest quality materials and produces to project specific requirements. With their strength in systems engineering coupled with the expertise of their fabricators, they are able to bridge the gap between invention and reality. Topakustik® offers time tested engineering and installation strategies even for the most unique projects. Their goal is to both encourage creativity and meet its demands.

SGB Acoustics LLC d/b/a Topakustik USA is the exclusive distributor for Topakustik® products in the US. Our goal is to serve the US construction market by bringing an exceptional product to specifiers and installers, backed by years of experience and knowledge. We aim to educate the design field about acoustics and demonstrate the vast breadth of application for absorptive wood products. We also aim to collaborate with installers to create cost effective and innovative solutions and offerings. Our capabilities will extend to full in-house drafting for both custom solutions and submittal drawings as well as design assistance. Our objective is to offer solutions to the construction community at all stages of design and implementation.  We are not just a supplier of outstanding materials but also a resource for the industry.

  • The Burj Khalifa Tower
  • New York Times Auditorium
  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  • Cornell University William H Gates Hall
  • Harvard
  • Devon Energy World Headquarters
  • Museum of Fine Arts Boston
  • Disney
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Princeton University
  • University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine
  • Baltimore Museum of Art


Sarah Brown is the Owner and CEO of SGB Acoustics LLC. She has been working with the Swiss company Topakustik and their products for twelve years. She received her Master of Arts in Audio Sciences with a concentration in Acoustics from The Johns Hopkins University. She also received her Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Georgia. Sarah began her experience in the acoustics industry with an internship at Kirkegaard Associates where she was introduced to the field and sparked her love for the marriage of acoustics and design. She has been working in the construction industry with acoustics for the past ten years and has had the pleasure of working on projects from nearly every market in construction and countless design firms. She still has a passion for educating the architectural community about sound and how sound can improve the function and experience of a space.


Marc Choiniere is SGB Acoustics LLC's Senior Project Manager located in Nebraska. He has been working with the Topakustik product line since 2008. He has a broad educational background in building systems with a strong emphasis in architectural acoustics. Marc received both his Masters and Bachelors of Architectural Engineering from the University of Nebraska. He has seven years of experience with project management and design assistance in the construction industry. He has a passion for designing spaces through acoustics that make them more functional and enjoyable.


Bill McConlogue is the design coordinator for SGB Acoustics LLC. He logged five years of experience with Topakustik’s products before a two year hiatus designing rigging elements for touring productions in the live entertainment industry. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Maryland, which bolsters his ability to work with architects to achieve their visions. Bill believes that our sense of place is as much influenced by our ear as by our eye and that these two areas need equal weight in the design phase. Working closely with project managers, Bill helps clients achieve spaces that are both beautiful and comfortable.