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Why Topakustik?

Topakustik has been producing acoustical wood for over 30 years. Our quality and craftsmanship are unmatched. Topakustik controls the entire process from veneering to the final details in our ISO9001 certified factory located in Lungern, Switzerland.

Topakustik’s time-tested and proven products and systems are carefully engineered for your individual project.

Whether you are interested in a quick and cost effective solution like tongue-and-groove planks, or a completely customized panel system – Topakustik is the leader in the industry.

Topakustik was the first to offer Microperforation with the launch of our Topperfo Micro products in 2005, and we continue to maintain our role as the industry leader in micro acoustics today. While the competition creates their micro products with punched veneers or drills, Topakustik is on the cutting edge of technology utilizing lasers to create the most precise hole and spacing available in an absorptive wood panel.

Finally, unlike many competitors – Topakustik focuses on grooved and perforated wood panels and planks. We don’t have an array of other products to distract our attention and cause inefficient production. Absorptive wood is at the heart of what Topakustik does, because it’s ALL we do.

That is why Topakustik.

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